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Six Baits to Consider for Fall Fishing and Save Money!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

As with most things in fishing, the answers to your questions depend on who you ask. Deciding on which baits to tie on for the fall bite also depend on who you ask. For this sentation. This presentation mimics an injured bait fish article, we are going to look at six moving baits an angler

should consider.

Two important things to consider in the fall are why the bass are moving shallow and how to target them. One word to a degree answers both considerations. BAITFISH! Bass are moving shallow because the bait is moving shallow. The more closely an angler can mimic the bait the better the chances of having a successful outing. Let’s start with the surface of the water. The types of baits an angler selects her depends on skill and comfort level. While we said six baits in the title, we are going to fudge on that a little in this section. What is consistent is that all of the top water baits is that all are moving baits. Buzz-baits, ploppers, popping baits, lipless crank baits, frogs, and prop baits are all applicable here. Also consider downsizing to get more bites.

All of these top water options can be productive, but a buzzbait that has a crisp purr can be enough to get the attention of the bass without being overly aggressive. This is also a characteristic of a prop bait, but it allows an angler to use intermittent pauses to lure bass into biting. Remember or consider that fishing in the fall can be tough because you are competing with the millions of bait fish that are flooding the shallow pockets and flats. Your presentation has to blend in and yet be different enough to get bass to bite.

Brazalo Buzz Baits are very unique sounding(above)

Smaller Profile Crock-O-Gator Buzzbait(above)

Another consideration is a walking style bait that you can cast down the middle of the gut of the pocket. A lot of times the bait concentrates itself in the deeper sections during the cooler nights and then transitioning up to the shallows and flats throughout the day. Bone or white is an optimum color in the fall. The next bait consideration is a jerk bait in shad pattern. That’s right! It is not just a early spring or cold water prefrom the bass slashing through the balls of bait fish. Once again, match the hatch with the bait worked constantly and erratically in a smaller profile. This is a reaction bite!

As we move away from the surface of the water the options of presentations an angler has can be expanded while still using the match the hatch mentality. For this, a lip-less crank-bait in 1/4 to 1/2 ounce sizes are optimum. This is one of the best maginable baits for fall bass fishing. This bait can be used to cover a lot of water, and is one of the most versatile baits and easy to fish at different depths. An angler can be fished as a chunk and wind, using a yo-yo retrieve, and or letting it flutter down toward the bottom before ripping it up to trigger a reaction strike.

Another versatile option that is synonymous with fall fishing is a spinner bait. Sizes can be as small as 1/4 ounce, a 3/8 ounce or even a 1/2 ounce. In any of these sizes the blade combinations can be double willow, willow/Colorado or in some cases maybe even multiple smaller willow leaf blades. Consider the smaller sizes if the shad are smaller. A spinner bait can be a simple chunk and wind, but by adding an erratic pumping action, or pausing and letting it flutter down through the bait-balls can make it stand out while blending in at the same time.

The next option to consider are the tried and true crankbaits. The key for crank-baits is finding a

smaller profile that dives to the desired depth. An angler still has to consider the terrain in which the bait is being fished. If the bait will be bouncing off of wood, a square-bill is a great choice. Regardless of what depth is being targeted, using the smallest profile bait that gets to that depth is optimum as it more closely mimics the bait fish that bass are gorging up on during the fall feed.

The next bait of choice especially if there is cover like hydrilla, grass or lily pad stems, etc that a crank-bait cannot get through is a bladed jig. There is no right or wrong way to fish this bait. It can also be fished around docks, brush and rock piles. The bladed jig is another bait fish imitator that can be used to trigger bass into biting.

The final common denominator that all of these baits have in common in the fall is color.. White most closely mimics the bait fish anglers are targeting. Match the hatch is key! For the spinner-baits and bladed jigs, anglers can add trailers and in some cases trailer hooks. Remember, fish

are crashing and slashing through the schools of bait fish and a trailer hook might help with ensuring the hookup!

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