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Creative Inventions

What creative ideas have you come up with for tackle storage, bait storage, boat storage?  Share your ideas and I’ll share some of mine that I’ve picked up on over the years but I don’t know that I’ve created any originals.

I recently learned this little trick from Edwin Evers…..we are allowed to use A-rigs in the LBAA this year and fishing in Northwest Arkansas, there are certain tournaments that allow them and certain ones that prohibit them.  Storing A-rigs can be quite cumbersome at times and I’ve tried a plethora of ideas but this one, I’ve found to be the most affordable and accessible.  Everyone drinks water right?  Utilize the completely worthless little ring under the cap of water bottles to hold those wires close together for easier storage. 

Keep a Mountain Dew in your cooler for a bleeding fish.  Any carbonated drink will actually work but I’ve found that Mountain Dew works the best at clotting the blood and doesn’t stain your carpet.  Another trick I learned from Jason Christie is treating my back storage compartment behind the passenger seat like it doesn’t exist.  I never store anything in there and it’s always empty for a co-angler to store anything they have.  I also learned from him, to check every accessible screw or bolt in my boat and ensure I have the proper tools in my little tool kit.  Nothing more annoying than having something that uses a star bit and you only have a Phillips head or a flat head. 

Share your ideas and let’s see who all has had the same idea, improved on an idea and perfected an idea.

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