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The LBAA will be going to more events and even a little more spread out in 2025. Anglers from all over the country have expressed interest in wanting to fish the Women's Pro Tour in 2025. Ladies need more options. We are glad BassmastHER program from B.A.S.S. is starting to spread the word with articles, and workshops. Even mentioning the LBAA and supposed to be doing even more articles coming soon. Not to mention there next seminar has 60 plus already signed up for New York. Great to see some growth in the fishing industry still. Especially when boat manufacturers and other areas are seeing small decline after the 2020-2021 outdoor industry explosion.

It's time more big companies realize that the female side of competitive and just recreational female anglers in fishing is still growing. That being said we are seeing the growth and going to give the ladies what they deserve. More options and flexibility to make it happen. We know women often have hurdles of not only raising a family but also juggling careers, travel cost, etc. Just to name a few. So we are hoping by expanding the schedule it will allow anglers to not only pick and choose logistically but also be able to avoid some of life's curveball it throws at yeah. It will still be a best 3 events points schedule for the Angler of the Year and Lady Bass Classic Leaderboard.

We will announce the lakes as soon as everything is finalized. But we wanted to at least give you all the tentative dates from our verbal commitments from some of these great fisheries with one deciding on which date is better for them. The schedule will start in the south east and then move it's way towards the central parts of the country. If the growth in the industry continues you'll see 6 events in 2026 with a northern event or two mixed in.

Tentative scheduling options please save these dates(5 event locations pending date approvals of these 6 possible) in 2025

January 9 and 10th 2025

February 6th and 7th 2025

Feb 28th and March 1st

April 3 and 4th

May 1st and 2nd

June 12 and 13th

Classic will stay in the Fall(most likely October)

Date TBD on a college football home schedule.

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