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Young Blood, Same Passion

Ok, so maybe a part 3 is in order for such a groundbreaking accomplishment.  I have been messaging with Karlee and her Mom, Ashley and I had some questions for Karlee to answer in her own words to really understand her passion and excitement.  So here goes…..these are the questions and the answers are all hers, word for word….


#1 – So, how old are you?

I am 13 going to be 14 in March.


#2 - how did you hear about the LBAA?

                My Dad ran across the LBAA online while he was looking for more trails for me to join.


#3 - How did you feel when you found out, even at your age, that you were qualified to be able to fish with the LBAA??

                I was shocked, excited, and nervous all at the same time!


#4 - What are you looking forward to the most, fishing this first tournament??

                I am looking forward to spending time with advanced like-minded female anglers that share the same passion as I do.

#5 - How do you think you will do in the tournament??

                I think I will be ok, well I hope so.


#5 - What is your favorite technique/bait to fish??

                Techniques vary by conditions but I've always got a rattle trap tied on. When I have my limit and it's time to start culling I pick up a BIG glide bait.


#6 - We all can learn something every time we go fishing and we all can teach something to anyone.  What is one thing that you think you could teach someone who has years of experience over you??

There are 3 things that come to mind right off the top of my head. The first one, girls can and do fish as well or better than boys. Second determination and not giving up.

The third thing I can teach "Old Timers" that are set in their ways is modern technology and BIG swim baits can catch fish.

Let’s welcome this young lady with open arms and recognize her passion and the accomplishment she’s making to be here with us.  Kim Bain Moore was the first lady angler to fish the Bassmaster Classic….meet Karlee Prevett, the youngest Youth Angler to join and fish the Lady Bass Anglers Women’s Bass Tour.

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