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How do you set the precedence for your day fishing with a partner that you might not fish with regularly?  We all have that one partner that we just completely jive with when we’re fishing but what about those we get on a random draw that we’ve never fished with before?  How do we set the tone for how our day is going to go…for both of us?  I think I’m pretty easy going and don’t feel like I have to establish rules but others may feel it necessary.  I do have a few pet peeves that pretty much unnerve me and sometimes, instead of just saying something, I let it boil until I’m almost spun out for the day when, if I would just mention it and get it cleared up, things would definitely flow a lot better.  These are things that I’m particular about even if I’m the co-angler, but, if we’re fishing a team event and you’re on your phone, checking facebook, texting or whatever, you’re not doing your part to get our team limit.  Once we have our limit and you wanna play on your phone, instead of fish, have it, but let’s work as a team until then.  You have your own limit to catch and you’d rather play on your phone, go for it, but I’m fishing and very seldom do I slow down, much less, stop.  I’m going to jump into action and grab the net when you hook a fish, not just stand there and ask if you need it.  If you don’t need the net and announce that, I’ll lay it down and keep an eye out for ya to get the fish in.  When I get up out of the driver’s side, I lay my life jacket in my seat or in the floor under the steering wheel, please keep your stuff on your side.  If you’re standing on the back deck, there’s not reason why your stuff should be in the middle or on the drivers side.  I leave the compartment behind the co-angler side completely empty all the time so I never use it or depend on it for storage.  It’s always there for co-anglers.   When fish are in the live well, periodically check on them…’re on the back deck and the live well is easily accessible to you, more so that your boater. 

So, by being transparent and setting some guidelines, your co-angler knows what to expect and you can work together to make the experience enjoyable.

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