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Toledo Registration Updates

Updated entries for Toledo. Ladies if you plan on boating please communicate so we can let co-anglers on the list know as soon as possible.

Remember New Boaters also eligible for Hwy125 Marina new rising star award $500 at their first event. Great incentive to sign up if you've not boated in last 2 years.

Co-Angler Waiting List for Toledo (Find a boater not already registered to link to and you're in).

Susie Hurn (Should be in waiting on Boater payment)

Renee Key Johnston

Judith Skibinski

Charlotte Frazier

Debbie Doyal

Co-Anglers Confirmed

Secret York (Linked with Cheryl Bowden)

Diana Uebelhack

Cassie Hall

Lynette Fitts

Pamela Holwerda

Lynette Doyle

Sherry Jacks (Linked with Nikki Hatten)

Jenny Orlowski

Kathy Schodts

Allie Blake

Karlee Prevett (Linked with Pam Horne as Mentor)

Jennifer Wilhite

Boaters Confirmed

Cheryl Bowden

Julia Darborne

Dana Lee Lofton

Robbie Hartline

Lynda Gessner

Elizabeth Anderson

Terri Bittner

Christina Baugh

Heather Broom

Pam Horne

Nickki Hatten

Paula Wilson

Boaters pending

Denise Suistate (Check has been mailed-registered which will clear next in line on Co-angler wait list)

Teri Cindric (Waiting on any last minute work conflicts)

Handful of boaters are rumored to be on the fence. Reminder coanglers you can find a boater that's not already registered to link with to guarantee entry. If they are new they may also be your day 1 draw to help lower the anxiety of entering their first event.

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