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Sportsmanship for Champions

During our most recent tournament there were two (2) awesome examples of sportsmanship that should be noted and some comfort and confidence for anyone considering joining the Lady Bass Anglers Association among other examples of sportsmanship and comradery amongst the co-anglers.


When an angler offers to give up their 2nd day of fishing to let someone else borrow their boat…that’s SPORTSMANSHIP!!!  When someone offers to share their day with another angler when they are sitting in 2nd place….. that’s SPORTSMANSHIP!!! 


THAT is the comradery that you will find in this group of ladies and I doubt many other circuits…..if ANY.  It’s a phenomenal demonstration of how close these ladies grow to be and really are.  Sometimes it’s very hard to even notice that comradery even exists because we all get together for meetings or just hanging out and everyone gathers in their little comfort groups but if you need something, there’s not ONE LADY here that wouldn’t be willing to help you, I promise.  

Sadly, there are some of these ladies I hardly ever have the opportunity to speak to every tournament that I admire and respect so much, but I have no doubt that I would help them with something if they needed it and vice versa.   

There were two (2) examples of this at our most recent tournament at Bull Shoals Lake.  One boater, Teri Cedric, had some boat issues on the first day of the tournament and it wasn’t looking good for her to be able to compete on day 2 after the weigh in and sitting in 5th place even with the boat issues.  Ann Carmichael, who was sitting in 2nd place, and fishing solo for day #2, offered and suggested that Teri just jump in the boat with her on day #2 and they would split the day since Teri did not have a co-angler for day #2 either.  Meaning that Ann would operate and control the boat half the day and Teri would have complete control for the 2nd half of the day.  Not that Teri wasn’t completely capable of a comeback all on her own, but for Ann to risk that 2nd place standing after day #1, was an act of true comradery and sportsmanship.  Fortunately, thanks to some really awesome people behind the scenes, Teri was able to get her boat repaired and was ready for day #2.


Day #2 found Robbie Hartline having some wiring issues with her boat being completely without power, Lynda Gessner, a very close friend of Robbie’s, who also won the last event on Bull Shoals last year, wasn’t having the tournament results she wanted, offered her boat to Robbie for the day…..even at the expense of losing her day.  This would keep Robbie in contention while Lynda sat the day out….THAT’S a sacrifice that very few would be willing to make FOR ANYONE.  Again, thanks to some really awesome people behind the scenes, Robbie was able to borrow a boat and get out on the water to finish her day, as well as, Lynda.


I won’t NAME any other circuits, nor have I fished them all but I can ASSURE you that this kind of sportsmanship and comradery does NOT exist in the bigger world of fishing and is a great testament to the closeness of this women’s tour and the friendships that are made throughout the group of ladies fishing it.  I, myself have experienced boat issues and counted myself out of the race for good, BUT THEN, there’s been a helping hand step up and make it happen for me. 

It's not to late to join us at Table Rock and Guntersville. Registration open at

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