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Sign Up and Live it Up by Pam Horne

So, you’re thinking about signing up with the Lady Bass Anglers Association? Let’s see if we can touch on some of the things you might be hesitant about and wondering about. My first tournament was the last tournament of their 2020 season on Truman Lake in Missouri. Was I scared?? You bet! Was I intimidated?? You bet!

I went to the meeting prior to the tournament, not knowing a single soul. I had done social media research so I knew faces and names but I didn’t know them personally. Cheryl Bowden and Secret York, the founders, introduced themselves to me and to Cassie Hall who was the new members contact. Cassie introduced me to every single lady there, insisted I sit with her and Diana and I felt very welcome. I met Pam Martin Wells that night and I can say, I’m still in awe just being around her.

I was so afraid and intimidated and I quickly found out that I had no reason to be. These ladies welcomed me with open hearts, encouraged me like they’d known me for years and were willing to help in any way. Not saying it wasn’t all out war on the water, because they are all here to win, but they will help you, encourage you and welcome you like family.

Since that tournament, I’ve fished every tournament that I could, had boat break downs, zeroed in tournaments and felt completely inadequate but I love each and every one of them so much that I can’t wait to see them the next time.

For the next few weeks, months and maybe a little sporadically, I’ll write about things that you might be thinking or dreading and have questions about and we’ll answer questions, ease your mind, and have you ready to jump… a boat on Toledo Bend in March 2024 with the LADY BASS ANGLERS ASSOCIATION…..YOU GOT THIS…..I promise

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