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Professional Angler & Professional Baby Brother

What do you think it would be like to fish with a professional angler??  What if you were able to fish with a professional angler…….that’s your brother??  I get that opportunity sometimes and I’ll tell ya, it’s pretty special to me.  I say it jokingly a lot but he IS my best friend.  We may not always get along, we may fight like cats and dogs sometimes but I know, without a doubt that he ALWAYS has my back.  I follow him in every tournament he fishes and I may scream and holler at him through BASSTRAK and I may even tell him to his face that he sucked during a tournament but NO ONE else is gonna do it and not hear about it.  I may not always TAKE his advice but I always ask his opinion or suggestions when I’m a little stumped about a tournament.  And SOMETIMES, he asks for mine and THAT makes my day.  I love to watch peoples reaction to him being around, I love it when people comment on what a great guy he is and it makes me proud.  The thing is…..he’s my brother FIRST, and he just happens to fish and participate in some way bigger events than I do, but he is a wealth of fishing knowledge and I draw from it as much as I can. 

I think a lot of our younger generations look up to anglers and think they are the world, make no mistakes and have it all figured out.  I also think that a lot of those anglers don’t show them the good, the bad and the ugly.  We all need to share the struggles as much as we do the wins.  Just recently Harvey and I fished a local tournament and did NOT weigh in one single fish.  In fact, neither of us could say, with any certainty, that we even had a bite all day and we burned some gas running all over the place.  Can you imagine, that you fish for a living and are considered a professional angler and come in to the weigh in where everyone knows you, to admit that your weigh bag is still bone dry in the storage locker of the boat?  It’s that characteristic that I love about him most sometimes….he stood there and watched a 19+ pound bag and a 17+ pound bag get weighed in and congratulated them without jealousy or pride and it made me burst with admiration for him. 

We can teach this lesson to others about most everything in life but the most important thing is to be truthful.  Admit your mistakes, as well as your good decisions.  Admit you loses as well as your victories.  Life is not all roses and lipstick, sometimes it just plain ole bitter weeds and chapped lips.  But ain’t it beautiful??

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