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I have never heard too many anglers talk about doing this and I can’t even remember where I got the suggestion from but I keep a journal of EVERY fishing trip I take, whether it be for fun or practice or a tournament.  Things that I log are, the date, the lake, the ramp, who I’m actually fishing with, the water…temperature, current or not, level-high or low, and water clarity.  Whether….moon phase, temperature at takeoff, throughout the day and at weigh in, cloudy, overcast, sunny, clear skies or bluebird skies.  I also log what baits I used and what was more successful than others.  I started this in 2016 and can tell you all this information about every tournament or fun day I’ve had since then.  It comes in handy, especially in our Ozark Lakes, as most of them fish similar.  I look at the time of year for either of our 3 different lakes and can pretty much gather a pattern from past information.  You’ve heard the statement, “don’t fish history.”  I don’t fish “spots” historically, but I do develop a preconceived pattern just from water temp and baits that were successful during that time of year.  This month, our local club will be fishing Beaver Lake in Rogers, Arkansas so I’ll first check my journal and see when I fished the lake in December of last year.  We have been about a month behind, season wise, this year so the water may still be a little warmer than it was last year in December.  I’ll just back up until I find a closer water temp and go from there. 

Does it always work…, unfortunately it doesn't, but it works more times than not and that usually sets me in motion with a lot of positivity.

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