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If you build it….

How do we, as anglers and participants in this sport, attract more individuals??  Think back to how you learned of the Lady Bass Anglers Association.  I know it was probably back before social media even existed or was prevalent like it is in the world today.  Now think about how many are hearing about the LBAA BECAUSE of social media now.  If each one of us would share a memory, technique that we love or even a picture, imagine the magnitude of women we could reach and possibly impact.  Seeing the Lady Bass Anglers Association truck parked at the Sugarloaf Inn on Bull Shoals in 2018 was the start for me and later watching a video of Cassie Hall and Penny McCurdy talking about how they fished and won using an unusual technique…..don’t think I haven’t tried it there a few times too. 

I was so impacted by Alisa Johnson’s win at Truman Lake when I competed at my first event that I continue to share it every chance I get.  It was such an emotional moment and seeing her Dad embrace her to congratulate her and saying, “You did it baby,” oh my gosh, I had tears welled up in my eyes and when she hugged him, her reply was, “No, WE did it.”  A priceless, priceless moment that I will never forget.  Meeting Pam Martin-Wells for the first time….pffff, I wouldn’t have been that nervous and excited meeting Kevin Van Dam.  Seeing Pam Ridgle so excited to see her family at the events and sometimes they surprised her, was a tremendous testimony to how very close they are.  Meeting and getting to know Mrs. Charlotte Frazier has been a really big highlight, even though she can drive me nuts getting hung up on AIR sometimes.  Seeing Whitney Cook fishing at her first event.  I watched this child playing softball growing up with my niece and now she’s married with her own babies.  Watching Pam Howerder get so excited to be on the stage weighing fish and knowing it’s probably 3 times that out on the water in the boat.  Seeing ladies catch and weigh in their personal best starting with Dana Carlson on Lake Ray Hubbard with a 7+ pounder and Sherry Jacks catching a 9 pounder on Caddo Lake.  Imaging the adrenaline, they both had when they were reeling in those fish.

Meeting Nikki Jo Hatten who I consider to be the most tenacious angler I’ve ever met who is a Nurse.  Incredible that an individual that is absolutely ruthless, fearless and super competitive and has a passion for saving lives as a career.

These are just my memories and things that stand out to me from being a competitor with the LBAA, imagine if we all shared just one, how many people we could reach….growth comes from sharing and sharing our passion could impact someone that would last a lifetime.

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