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Dreams Really Do Come True


Fast forward a few months and due to some awesome and amazing people in the industry, combined with your supportive parents, YOU WILL BE FISHING YOUR VERY FIRST LADY BASS ANGLERS EVENT in March 2024 on Toledo Bend Lake.  WOW!!!!  Anyone that says hard work doesn’t pay off has never had a passion that drives them like most anglers.  Due to your fishing activities and being involved in as many events as you could be, Travis Burch, one of the tournament officials, has used that to revisit the previous rules of the organization and discovered with the experience you’ve gained and the events you’ve been involved in, you could qualify to fish with the organization with your parents’ consent.  NOW comes the hard part….counting down the days to be able to be there.  Map study, You-Tube videos, google earth searches and lots of tackle and mental preparation will consume your every day. 

This is just my version of a dream becoming a reality in March 2024 for a young lady named Karlee Prevett.  Which leads us to who this article is about and I actually reached out to her to invite her to one of the LBAA events and she informed me that she had actually attended the LBAA Classic Championship on Bull Shoals in October 2023.  It was an ahha moment for me because I was in the cabin right next door to Pam Martin Wells when she came over to meet her, get her autograph and get her picture with her.  It was absolutely precious to me to see the way she looked at Pam with such admiration and in complete awe. 

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