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Behind the Scenes

There’s someone ALWAYS….behind the scenes that does a lot of work that WE never see and they don’t get the recognition they deserve.  This past weekend at Bull Shoals, we just added to the list of behind-the-scenes support. 

Travis is always working behind the scenes doing things that we may never even privy to with scheduling tournaments, securing partnerships, advocating for monetary backing, running all the social media, making contacts and the countless hours he contributes to pushing this tournament trail and all the others he helps with into the future. 

Abby Keeney, who does the videography and editing for the weigh ins and how about that on the water footage she got of our rookie Chloe Barnum on day #1 at Bull Shoals??  THAT’S the kind of stuff that grabs and keeps attention of the public and future anglers. 

Craig and Jennifer LaPointe, who, I know spent hours preparing the resort for this event while still dealing with family issues.  Super Man, Craig was frying eggs, flipping pancakes and helping me work on my trolling motor all in one day…thank you so much Craig.  He also made a couple of rescue runs during the tournament to help ladies with boat issues and even loaned his boat to Robbie Hartline on day #2 who had and issue with her boat that would have kept her from competing on the final day.  Jennifer was running errands, unloading later at night and back in the restaurant early the next morning.  Plus Jennifer played photographer at weigh ins.

Lord knows, our little Twinkle Twinkle singing star had to be completely exhausted doing kid stuff AND singing for us TWICE during the week.

THEN there was Derek O’Dell and Michael who were more than willing to help a few of the ladies out with some mechanical and electrical issues during the event this past week.  Hwy 125 Marina also supported a Rising Star Award to the highest finishing rookie boater in this tournament and Congratulations to Chloe Barnum on cashing in on that $500 prize.  Michael was there to help launch boats and made rescue runs, to pick up ladies who had issues during the tournament out on the water.

Steve French who normally set ups with Travis and helps haul the things all over the country side. He had to miss this event for personal reasons but was still working behind the scenes finishing the live release trailer for events where it's too hot and/or too far away from water to weigh in and quickly release. Steve is always planning for the conservation side of our sport.

Amanda Burch keeps things together on the home front for Travis and his family plus fills in where most never see. Trophies, Banking, etc. Then on top of that she is the emergency back up for all positions they do in fishing from weighing fish, bumping fish, set up, tear down, etc. In the youth, high school, and college programs, events, and you'll see her around the LBAA often too filling in when the time allows. Plus Travis says "You know the saying behind every good man is an even better woman. I wouldn't be able to do the things I do in and for fishing industry if it wasn't for her."

We may not even know all the peoples’ names, roles, or hours they spend but let’s always try to remember the ones who respectfully request NOT to be recognized.  We thank you for your contributions to this amazing organization so much and we do appreciate you in every way possible.

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Pam Horne

LBAA - Content Writer

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